Give you the Best Keywords for your Business

Best if you're paying for Google Ads or wanting better SEO results

About This Service

Only personal referrals are higher quality leads than those coming from Google. The reason is that people are actively searching for what you sell so they don't need as much convincing that they need the services you provide.

The challenge is that there are a LOT of things they can enter into Google to find your business and if you don't have most or at least a lot of them covered, you're missing out on business.

When you purchase this gig, we will research your market and give you a list of search terms that are relevant to what you sell. You can then use these in your Google Ads campaigns as well as your SEO campaigns.


We'll research your market and give you a list of relevant keywords that your prospects are actively searching for.

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What's Included

  • Page/Channel Evaluation
  • Forward leads in real-time
  • Deliver keyword list
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