Do a Thorough Audit of Your SEO

Evaluate your SEO efforts and give you recommendations to improve your rankings

About This Service

If you've been struggling getting the rankings you feel you deserve, this might be the best gig for you on this site.

The truth is that SEO is a dirty business and it is very difficult to find someone that knows what works and what doesn't - let alone someone that will share this information with you in a clear and understandable manner.

When you invest in this gig, you will receive a complete audit of your SEO services and you'll be given a clear and actionable plan for getting better search rankings.

BONUS: If you invest in this gig and decide to  move forward with our monthly SEO services after reviewing our audit, the price you paid here will be applied as a credit to your initial payment on our monthly services.


We'll evaluate your site and your competition and give you a full audit of your SEO efforts.

 3 Days Delivery       1 revision if necessary

What's Included

  • Evaluate your site
  • Evaluate your competition
  • Deliver full audit of your SEO efforts