Google Ads Audit

Evaluate your Google Ads efforts and give you actionable steps for improvement

About This Service

If you've ever worked with Google Ads you know two things for sure. First, they're complicated. Second, they can be REALLY expensive.

Both can be true but the facts are that Google Ads are so complicated and that so few people really understand what Google wants. As a result, your ads are setup incorrectly and you end up paying more for you ads than necessary.

If you've given up on Google Ads yet you see the same competitors paying for ads over and over, you can bet they know something you don't know. They wouldn't keep paying for ads if they weren't profitable, right?

With this gig, you'll have a Google Ads expert look at your account and give you specific, actionable items that you can improve upon to lower your cost per click and increase the number of leads you're getting for the same budget - or less.


We'll evaluate your Google Ads efforts and give you tips to getting lower cost leads.

 3 Days Delivery       1 revision if necessary

What's Included

  • Research your market
  • Evaluate your Google Ads campaign